BioGenom Team

  • Our founder Ahmet Cetin bringing in always creative ideas and continuously moves the company forward
  • ….and his comrades-in-arms currently consisting of the food chemist Ms. Sümeyye Cetin MSc. and Mr. Sezai Baydan cand. MSc. Molecular Biotechnology
  • … and our academic consultants Prof. Martin Elmlinger (Tübingen University) and Prof. Gert Fricker (Heidelberg University)
  • Together, we contribute our entire expertise in the fields of pharmacy, protein chemistry and medicine.

Our motto “Naturally without side effects” based on a fascination for bees and their products. These state-forming insects being crucial for our nature, produce not only honey but also the so-called bee venom, which they naturally transfer with their sting.

Today, we ourselves can obtain bee venom using sustainable, animal-friendly methods and present it in pure form. The bee venom obtained in this way and its individual components are currently the subject of intensive research. Coupled with our own knowledge of the attenuating effect of bee venom preparations on allergic processes and skin complaints (dermatitis), our desire to do our own research in this field for manufacturing effective, high-quality products from bee venom is increased. Because “the best role model is still the nature itself” is still true.

Ahmet Cetin

Founder, CEO


Sümeyye Cetin

Founder, Head of Science


Sezai Baydan

Research Scientist


Prof. Gert Fricker

Mentor Professor

Prof. Martin Elmlinger

Mentor Professor